About Us

  • The Canadian Nano Business Alliance focuses on developing groundbreaking approaches for land based and online casinos. Our molecular barcode is a new approach to solving counterfeit security problems in a casino.

Using nanotechnology for casino security

Our unique molecular barcode makes it very difficult to decipher therefore makes it impossible for counterfeiters to reproduce the exact code. Our solution consists of molecules that can be included in the structural composition of materials (such as plastics, paper, metal, etc) . We then create an invisible, forensic marker using the Casino's brand that is only know to the casino's owner and can be automatically authenticated by their supply or operational chain. The technology works in such way that when the material is scanned by a portable reader - the unique emission spectrum is detected and verified by the onboard database with returns a valid or invalid code.


  • Using chemistry can provide some smart solutions. Our product bonds with manufactured materials chemically. Our bonds are strong, made on a molecular level therefore they are safe and resistant in any condition.

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  • Nanotechnology is a fast growing field and we love connecting with experts from all over the world and sharing information. Please contact us at sales@nanobusiness.ca and we will respond within 24 hours.